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If your goal is to speak French fluently, then you have come to the right place! Our innovating and unique program sets a new standard in teaching French. Our out-of-this-world teaching model is wrapped with rich, engaging content that turns the mind on. 

We  enable  students to  become conversant in French quickly and efficiently.  

We  focus   on  the  4 fundamental language skills: listeningspeaking, reading, and writing. 

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Class activities include, interactive discussion, listening exercises, reading assignments, and video-viewing. You will quickly speak and understand French, while gaining a fundamental background in the French culture. 

You will understand how the French language meshes with a way of life. You will learn how  to speak with expression, cadence and slang. 


Our commitment to providing cross-cultural understanding and communicative proficiency in French through the study of current French society, language, and culture is our enduring obligation.
The French in Mind Difference
Culture is key
Make friends with native French speakers in LA

Live both language and culture! Attend social outings with French native speakers and classmates. Our super cool group Frenchies in LA is comprised of French transplants.
A new standard in teaching
Innovative curriculum 

From regular curriculum update to new program development, we continuously push the envelope in FAST and EFFECTIVE language acquisition.

Practical and proven

Knowledge transfer and skill retention with real world usage in French is the result of our proven methodology. Every day, we nurture our students' full potential in achieving fluency in French.

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