The funnest way to practice French is to share French culture!

French in Mind reflects the diversity and cultural richness of the French language. Outside the classroom, students attend social outings where they mingle with Frenchies in LA, which is comprised of French transplants. By making friends with French natives in Los Angeles, students get to live and speak both French culture and language.
If you're into French culture and language, then join us every sunday.

The purpose of the French in Mind Meetup group is to create a very relaxed and down-to-earth environment where friends from all levels can freely speak and share French culture while having a blast! 

All levels are welcome. 

We discuss and watch recent French movies, music, current events and of course, Le Petit Journal (France's Colbert Report), Connasse and much much more! 

9718 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

Sundays 6pm-8pm